Web sites relating to Biotechnology

This is less a comprehensive list of sources than it is an amalgam of interesting and/or usefulthings I've found while poking around on the Internet.

This page hasn't been maintained for quite some time, so beware of broken links. Still, there may be something of use here.

Human Genome Project Information
Explore this site for information about the U.S. and worldwide Human Genome Project.

Links About Eugenics: Some History and Some Opinion
Some very interesting eugenics links here.

The Center for Bioethics
At the University of Pennsylvania. Links to some online articles, discussions, other sites.

Engineering the Human Germline
At UCLA. Links about germline gene therapy and somatic cell gene therapy, as well as interesting press coverage of a symposium on germline engineering.

Bibliography: Gene Therapy
Bibligraphical list of sources relating to issues surrounding gene therapy.

National Bioethics Advisory Commission
Has links to the full report of the Commission's June 1997 report on Cloning Human Beings.

Human Gene Therapy
This site contains summaries of recommendations given by various committees, organizations, etc.,concerning somatic cell gene therapy and germline gene therapy. It also contains some bibliographicreferences.

The Patenting of DNA
Is a DNA sequence patentable? Apparently so.

The New You: A SpecialBiotechnology Report
More on the patenting of DNA sequences.

Here are two interesting papers on biotechnology:

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